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Webster, where life is worth printing.

This Friday one of the Rochester area’s newest cultural gem’s is having a Grand Opening. Dock 2 Letterpress is a printing company like no other. Specializing in handset typography and printing on antique hand fed printing presses. They celebrate an art form that since the…

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Great Design Article in Sunday NY Times

For anyone who grew up with typesetting machines, running galleys, cutting and pasting in between letters to perfectly kern revisions, swearing off computers and inhaling spray glue (in a professional way, of course!) this article will make you think back. Love to hear comments on…

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EXHIBIT: Thanksgiving High

Some people see a leaf. Designer/typographer Tony Zanni of Type High saw a unique creative challenge. “It started about a year ago when I found a huge maple leaf. It was about 13″ across and 10″ tall—it was like a sheet of paper,” Tony says….

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