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EXHIBIT: Martino Flynn builds the buzz

Check out this recent work from the High Falls team at Martino Flynn. We asked art director Paul Hill for the buzz: What was the reason for the change? The J.W. Dundee brand was mis-categorized within the beer segment—often being placed with the lower-shelf, sub-premium…

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And so it begins: RifRaf Exhibit

It turns out RifRaf is read by Scott Wolf, my mom, AND Jeremy Schwartz of RAF member Partners & Napier. Thanks Jeremy, for the snappy response and the great work for Kodak Entertainment Imaging. (Click on the image to see the ad bigger.) The film…

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helloooooooo…is anybody out there? just wondering cuz it gets pretty lonely in here. if you’re listening, i got a proposition for ya. done any good work lately? something you’ve been itching to show off? well, let’s have it. honestly, i’d (heck, we’d) love to see…

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