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ADDY Insider Tips Part II – Open Before 2014 Edition

When you’re running an event you say to yourself and the committee a million times, “we have to remember this for next year.” Most of the time you forget anyway. Hence, your wonderful committee. So while we covered some of these ADDY tips just a…

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Product placement is the biggest loser.

Unless you are The Biggest Loser. NBC’s hit reality show The Biggest Loser does more than entertain America while contestants sweat away pounds. The show is a model for appropriate product placement that brings together brands like Subway, Ziploc, Extra Chewing Gum, and Rochester’s own…

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Rochester's City Newspaper Ducks the Trend

The “newspaper deathwatch” tale must be the year’s best covered story. In last week’s installment, the Boston Globe faced extinction while Sen. John Kerry convened hearings to discuss how the industry might be preserved (surely a coincidence). So when you find a newspaper succeeding, it’s…

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A picture is worth a thousand copywriters

Over the last couple of days, some very nice things have been written about the copy that is part of the Dundee Ales & Lagers rebranding. It’s been very gratifying…and a little embarrassing. But here’s some insight into what we, on the Dundee team, knew….

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Facebook v. Twitter

Not sure whether to tweet on Twitter or update your Facebook? Here’s one person’s take on their differing propositions.

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Old? Or classic?

It’s 1982 and about 15 degrees below zero. Like we did every Saturday night, we were standing on a road that came to a dead end in the St. Lawrence River, with a raging bonfire and stacks of Genny Cream Ale we stole from our…

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Meet Gary, Social Media Ninja

Gary Vaynerchuk owns a wine shop in New Jersey named the Wine Library, and also happens to be a social media expert. Now, I understand that you can’t swing a dead cat on the web these days without hitting a “social media expert”, but Gary’s…

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What's your pepperoncini?

Something crosses my mind every time I get a pizza from Papa John’s. I’m just fascinated by the fact that with every single pizza, they include a pepperoncini pepper in the box. I know, I know…the marginal cost of this is probably a penny per…

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Keeping a strong idea intact through each stage of the creative development process isn’t for sissies. But if you think its tough when developing a print ad, try designing a homepage. The process begins with good intentions – make it intuitive, prioritize messaging, retain the…

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Burnett's '09 Predictions

Leo Burnett’s UK office just released predictions for 2009 via Youtube. Here’s an opinionated review: 2 things I like 1. They have a point of view on our times 2. They’re using the web to spread it quickly 3 things I don’t 1. Cliché packed…

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