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Student Breathes New Life into 20MAAB

At last night’s 20MAAB, we added a new component that was brought forth by RIT student, Rebecca Wolinski. Rebecca reached out to the RAF a few weeks ago because she noticed that students were leaving after the presentation and missing out on the networking aspect…

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RAF Inspired: Inspiration Island

Inspiration Island By Lissa Mathis What inspires me? Besides having my health, a roof over my head, a Wegmans rotisserie chicken in the fridge, and a husband and two children that mean the (dysfunctional) world to me? Well, here’s how I like to think of this: If…

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Beyond the Side: Impostor Syndrome

Beyond the Side: Impostor Syndrome By Stacey Rowe Full disclosure: I have an interesting history with public restrooms and the ADDY Awards. The first year I attended, I fell asleep in the Convention Center bathroom for three hours. Since the building was locked, the custodians…

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