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2009 ADDY Entry Deadline Extended

Good news if you’re scrambling to get your 2009 RAF ADDY entries in on time. The deadline for entries has been extended until Friday, February 6th, 2009 by 5:00pm. As a reminder, all entries must be mounted, with exception of interactive pieces and broadcast TV…

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Burnett's '09 Predictions

Leo Burnett’s UK office just released predictions for 2009 via Youtube. Here’s an opinionated review: 2 things I like 1. They have a point of view on our times 2. They’re using the web to spread it quickly 3 things I don’t 1. Cliché packed…

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EXHIBIT: Martino Flynn builds the buzz

Check out this recent work from the High Falls team at Martino Flynn. We asked art director Paul Hill for the buzz: What was the reason for the change? The J.W. Dundee brand was mis-categorized within the beer segment—often being placed with the lower-shelf, sub-premium…

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Powerpoint doesn't kill people, we do

Death by Powerpoint. If you’re not familiar with the disease, you know some of the contributing factors: 1) reading from slides 2) multiple ideas per slide 3) all text I could go on (clip art). Suffer through enough of these, and you understand why some…

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A must read for all …

Hi Gang! This is a first blog for me – but I just had to post this. At the beginning of every New Year it seems we all find a little time to look to the future with a few goals to set and live by. One priority of mine was to slow down and appreciate all the good in my life.

When my brother sent this to me today I couldn’t forward this fast enough.

Every day beauty, talent and creativity get missed. We’re surrounded by it, but we’re always just too busy to even see it. We “RAF-ers” are the people who inspire, foster and promote creativity so…. SLOW DOWN and take a minute to read this … and comment. Enjoy. (btw: Snopes confirmed this as a true experiment)

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Beautiful Losers Trailer

Here’s a look at the trailer for “Beautiful Losers” starring Thomas Campbell, Shepard Fairey, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Harmony Korine, Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, Mike Mills, Stephen Powers, Ed Templeton, with Cheryl Dunn, Peggy Honeywell, Aaron Rose, and Deanna Templeton. [youtube JyRAHKTy6hI] The…

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