Be Legendary

The American Advertising Awards
Thursday March 16 | doors at 6pm
Rochester Riverside
Convention Center

You know that night.
The one you waited months for,
then suddenly it's tonight and you're
here and you look around
and realize that these are your people.
That everyone who came out beats
with the same pulse, shares the same
fire, showed up for the same reason.
This is that night, when the lights
go down and your hands go up.
The rhythm kicks in and suddenly
everyone's moving together in time.
And the chorus? It's gold.

These are the 2017 Addys.

Buttons Fan with Lighter Microphone and Audience Road Cases and Set List Guy on Stage Women Singing

You gotta enter
        to determine  
    your fate...


Early Bird Entry Pricing

(before 1/6/17)

RAF Members
Single $85; Campaign $115

Single $145; Campaign $175

Note: Early bird pricing is attained by completing all the entry information in the system and paying for your entry by midnight on January 6, 2017. The actual hard copy sample is not due until the final 5pm deadline.

Regular Entry Pricing

(1/7/17 through 5pm on 1/31/17)

RAF Members:
Single $100; Campaign $130

Single $160; Campaign $190

Student Pricing:
$35 per entry, single or campaign


View the 2017 Official ADDY Rules & Categories.

Not sure how to enter? Watch a video here.

Not sure how to mount your entries? Check out this doc.

Cups Wrist Bands

Raise hell.

EY O,      
        LET’S GO

Early Bird Show Tickets

(before 2/12/17)

RAF Members / Non-Profit employees: $70
Non-Members: $85

Regular Show Tickets

RAF Members / Non-Profit: $80
Non-Members: $95

Student show tickets: $25

Doors open at 6pm.
          Show starts at 8pm.

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Band Walking Towards Equipment Gas Mask

  Wear what 
you want. 
 Just rock it.