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Kodak.com shows the way

February 4, 2009

Ad Industry, Brand Strategy, Creative, Interactive, Rochester, Students

Kodak's New HomepageKeeping a strong idea intact through each stage of the creative development process isn’t for sissies. But if you think its tough when developing a print ad, try designing a homepage. The process begins with good intentions – make it intuitive, prioritize messaging, retain the brand’s distinctive qualities, etc. – but can quickly devolve into a land rush.

So congrats to Kodak on their re-designed homepage. Usable, impactful, true to the brand. Downright gutsy. And check out this post from Paulette at Kodak’s blog for a visual description of the process. Sounds like the tight timeline helped – if it’s due tomorrow, it doesn’t sit in approval meetings subject to over thinking.

If you still want more, visit Canon for a comparison. Which company looks like they have passion for the business?

Matt Jones